Having a tooth missing in your smile can do several things, including lower your confidence and make it more difficult to maintain your oral health. Luckily, though, dentists have several methods of restoring smiles and keeping oral health high, one of which is the insertion of dental implants. Many people have questions about implants, so let’s look at common questions and their answers.

How long do I have to wait to get an implant?

After you have had a tooth extraction performed, your dentist will assess your mouth and determine when dental implant surgery chester may be performed. If the bone in your jaw is healthy and in good condition, patients may be able to get dental implants installed on the same day an extraction takes place. Other times, though, it will take some time and bone grafts may be recommended.

Do dental implants hurt?

This is another common question, but the short answer is that the surgery is often not painful and recovery can involve soreness and swelling. General anesthesia keeps patients comfortable while the surgery is being performed, but pain tolerance is different for each patient. Minimal pain is experienced, overall, when getting dental implants.

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Is a bone graft required to get dental implants?

You may have heard a mention of bone grafts associated with dental implants, but bone grafts are not necessary for every patient. Bone grafts restore the jawbone and provide more support for implants, so it is recommended for those that have eroded jawbone tissue. Typically, patients with healthy jawbone will not need grafting.

Your dentist can answer any questions you have regarding replacing your teeth, including any more that you have about dental implants. Learn more about your options and how you can get a beautiful smile once again with dental implants.