rx customer support

Retail pharmacy store owners have never had it better. Thanks to uniquely developed software systems, they are able to do the following things rather well. For one thing, they are able to keep their monthly to quarterly turnovers looking rather healthy indeed. They now have custom inventory control systems in place. They’ve got a customised POS to use. But they’re also able to plug in to rx customer support.

And that is probably most important, perhaps not the most important area then, because as far as the retail pharmacy software system goes, everything should work in sync. It is like having a body without arms and legs. So, the one cannot really do without the other. But let’s write out this note in favor of the customer then with the customer being the most important thing that matters. The customer is the most important person in the world to the retail pharmacist.

Without her, he would simply have no business. But of course, the customer’s doctor should also have a say in this process. It is the doctor who reads out the prescription. Well, he types it out then. He’s also online, see. And then he presses send. Within minutes, the retail pharmacist’s clerk is able to receive the doctor’s orders on her desktop. And she proceeds without delay to make up the patient’s prescription.

And within minutes, she is able to notify the patient. Ma’am, your medication is ready. Of course, if the little old lady is too ill to go and collect that medication, she can have it delivered to her doorstop. And still, she is also able to post enquiries via the rx customer support system. Only one problem though. Isn’t she a little too old school for this?